Lisa Smith-Batchen

We began working with Lisa in January of 2019 as she was recovering from an injury and knee surgery.


After just 6 weeks taking OsteoDenx® daily, Lisa began to notice improvements in her joints.

Lisa has raised many millions for charity, in particular for AIDS orphans, a cause she shares with her long-time friend, Sister Mary Beth, who has run alongside Lisa on many of her adventures.

Athletic Achievements

She is the first American female to have won the Marathon des Sables “Marathon of the Sands”, a six day 251 km (156 miles) ultramarathon through the Sahara Desert.  It is considered one of the toughest foot races on Earth.


She has competed in over 40 ultramarathons, 90 marathons, and is a 5 time Hawaiian Ironman finisher. Her accomplishments as an endurance runner and ironman athlete have made her one of the most respected athletes in the world.

Lisa In The News


Smith-Batchen has been featured in cover stories in The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, Runner’s World, Winning Magazine. She has been featured in Sports Illustrated for Women, ESPN Magazine, Outside, Ultra Runner, Trailrunner, Running Times, Endurance Racing Magazine and numerous other national and international publications.  She also appears in a film about the Badwater Ultramarathon, entitled Running Under the Sun.

Making a Difference

In 2008, Lisa established the Dreamchaser Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates to charities throughout the world.  She strives to make a difference by helping women and children throughout the world, especially in developing countries, by funding water wells, AIDS treatment centers, schools and providing other necessities that these areas so desperately need. Smith-Batchen works as an on-line running coach, fitness instructor, motivational speaker and massage therapist.