Our Mission is to empower athletes at all levels with knowledge about their own bodies and provide them with evidence-based, affordable, innovative solutions to help naturally optimize their physical performance and live healthy active lives.


Our focus is to reinforce body systems, not just relieve symptoms.


We achieve this by selectively combining innate multi-functional regulatory molecules (bio-replenishments), such as Lactoferrin, with system-specific nutrients, effectively delivering them to various target sites in the body to naturally optimize and support healthy bodily function (homeostasis).


The bioQuad Principles that underpin our research and innovation focus on the continuous dynamic interaction between the four quadrants of life:



  1. bioREDOX


  3. bioRHYTHM

  4. bioFORMAT

Only when these four quadrants operate in harmony can the body perform at its optimum.


At bioQuad, we use these principles to research and develop innovative health technologies that are backed by decades of scientific research, multiple patents and clinical studies with results published in top-tier medical journals.



Survival, growth and multiplication are the fundamental principles of life. During survival, a living organism acquires a wide variety of nutrients (i.e. foods) from its environment/milieu.


Living organisms break down these macro nutrients via the digestive process into micro/basic chemical units for utilization in a bio-compatible manner.


These basic chemical units are required for body development, defense, performance, etc. For example, proteins from plant-based soy milk or an animal-based hamburger are bio-processed in a similar manner into amino acids. Such basic chemical units are – the 'SUPPLEMENTS.'

A living organism, however, synthesizes its own specific biochemicals for precise control of its growth and multiplication.


Such exclusive biochemicals include nucleic acids (eg. DNA, RNA), regulators (eg. insulin, hormones), co-factors (eg. cytochromes, ubiquinones), modulators (eg. angiogenin, growth factors) and transporters (eg. hemoglobin, lactoferrin).

During the life of an organism, these biochemicals are continuously utilized/depleted during vital functions and replenished by regular biosynthesis. Any deficiency, imbalance and dysfunction of these biochemicals manifests into a physiological disorder, disease or death. Such innate specific biochemicals are - the 'BIO-REPLENISHMENTS.'


Bio-replenishments are active regulatory molecules that exist naturally inside the body. Generally, these molecules are not found in their pure (isolated) form and co-exist with other substances.


For example, lactoferrin is a bio-replenishment found in various biological secretions such as tears, saliva, milk, etc. In milk, lactoferrin is part of a complex chemical composition that includes proteins, sugars, lipids, minerals, and salts.


The interplay between these different components establishes the cumulative health benefits of milk (as a whole food) and defines the multi-functional role of lactoferrin as a transport protein, immune modulator, bone regulator, prebiotic, antioxidant, etc.


At bioQuad Sports, we are committed to educating the community on the evidence-based science behind our nutraceuticals. 


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